Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Originální čepice pro originální dítě.
Vlněná toka z poddajného a měkkého úpletu, vhodný pro každou ženu.  
Vlněná kšiltovka s originálním vzorem nesmí chybět v žádném šatníku.
Elegantně-sportovní styl doplněný lesklou prošívanou čepicí je to pravé do podzimních dnů.
Vlněný klobouk pro ženy, které mají styl.
Jednobarevná bekovka doplní dynamický městský styl.
Vlněný klobouček s originálním vzorem. Elegantní doplněk, který nepostrádá praktičnost.
Plstěný klobouk nesmí chybět v žádném pánském šatníku.
Bavlněná úpletová čepička s potiskem. Základ celoročního dětského oblečení.

is a dynamic private company which has operated in the area of hats and caps manufacturing and sales since its establishment in 1992. We are mainly specialized in headgear of all categories and fashion accessories. In our own manufacturing site we bring to live our own fashion designs. We work with materials of a number of European partners. Thank to this we can guarantee top quality and absolute safety even in case of baby products, for which we have obtained complete certification on health and hygienic standards compliance.

Our offer
includes full range of hats and caps for ladies, gentlemen, children and babies. We also offer scarves, shawls and gloves. You can come to us to see straw-hats for summertime as well as felt hats for autumn and winter days, men’s hats of wool and other materials as well as children’s knitted stocking-caps. We prepare a new collection every year, always for two main seasons – spring/summer goods and autumn/winter items. We present fashion for babies in a separate catalogue under the brand of “HUGO”. Our other catalogue bringing the brand of PUNTO CHIARO presents the offer of scarves and shawls. Besides basic fashion collections, we offer trendy sportswear branded as WHOOP, caps and textile accessories with children cartoon motives, and specialized fashion sets. All items are regularly presented at trade fairs and exhibitions and via our coated paper photo catalogues.

Most of the goods offered comes from our own production which follows our top criteria – quality, trend and good price. Our great experience in design and manufacturing ladies’ hats pays back there. We supply our products to a number of foreign markets – e.g. Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Russia, USA, Japan and others. We can, too, manufacture hats and caps upon request and/or special requirements of our clients.

Karpet products can be purchased for your store directly at our wholesale, which presents the largest headwear offer in the Czech Republic. You can also request a catalogue or arrange an appointment with our sales representative at your location. A very comfortable way is using our B2B system of online ordering. All orders are then delivered right to your door by our carrier partners.


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